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Introduction to the types of industrial robots

Update:19 Jan 2022

With the rapid development of society and economy, the industrial field has also developed rapidly. Robots with various functions have appeared in the industrial field. According to different uses, industrial robots are used for welding, handling, palletizing, spraying, loading and unloading, etc. Today, Let's briefly introduce the functions of some industrial welding robots.

Industrial robots are of the following types:

1. Handling robots

The handling robot is an industrial robot used for handling objects. It moves the workpiece from the original position to another designated position. The end effector of the handling robot realizes the handling of workpieces of different specifications by changing tools.

The handling robot liberates the labor of workers and reduces the injury accidents in the handling process, and is widely used in the handling of large workpieces.

2. Spraying robot

A spraying robot is a mechanical device used for automatic painting. Due to the harsh working environment of traditional spraying work, the physical damage to workers is great. The spraying robot adopts hydraulic drive, which has fast spraying speed and good explosion-proof performance. It can replace manual spraying and improve the spraying quality and the utilization rate of spraying materials.

3. Welding robot

The welding robot is an automatic welding equipment engaged in welding work. Through the welding gun of the welding robot, the welding seam can be accurately welded, and the welding seam is beautiful and firm, which ensures the quality of the product.

The introduction of welding robots by enterprises is conducive to improving the speed of production lines, liberating the labor intensity of workers, reducing labor and material costs of enterprises, and improving the level of welding automation of enterprises.

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