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Tell you which application areas the injection molding machine manipulator is used in?

Update:26 Jan 2022

It is well known that the injection molding machine manipulator can be used for automatic gate shearing, in-mold inserts, in-mold labeling, out-of-mold assembly, shaping, sorting, stacking, product packaging, mold optimization, and more. The servo-specific manipulator for injection molding machine is an automatic production equipment that can imitate part of the functions of the upper limbs of the human body, and can automatically control it to transport products or handle tools for production operations according to predetermined requirements.
Servo manipulator is a machine specially equipped for the automation of injection molding production. It can reduce heavy manual labor, improve labor conditions and safe production; improve the production efficiency of injection molding machines, stabilize product quality, reduce scrap rates, reduce production costs, and strengthen enterprises. It plays an important role in the competitiveness and so on.

It is precisely because the injection molding machine manipulator has so many application advantages that the injection molding machine manipulator is widely used in various plastic industries. As large as automobile interior plastic parts, fenders, toy shells, as small as clothing accessories, charging heads, and electronic connectors are all injection-molded by injection molding machines.
Its industries can cover: baby toys, computers, toothbrush handles, accessories, golf balls, corsages, antennas, badges, buttons, chargers, electrical appliances, stationery, lampshades, instrument covers, cabinets, furniture, sporting goods, gears , food utensils, surfaces, decorations, glue flowers, small building materials, automobiles, instruments, electronic parts, connectors, telecommunications, key chains, toys, plugs, sockets, connectors, switches, backpack buckles, plastic bottle connectors, manufacturing Pens, cosmetic bottle connectors, shoe soles, swatches, etc.
As mentioned above, the injection molding machine manipulator is used in plastic parts and is widely used in every field of life today, such as household appliances, instruments, wires and cables, construction equipment, communication electronics, automotive industry, cosmetics, daily hardware, etc.

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