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Disposable Cutlery Packaging System

This system includes high speed pick out robot, automatic stacking fixture, transfer fixture, product transfer robot and automatic packing machine. 

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  • » Pick out robot/stacking fixture and packing machine are separately mechanism with individual controller, which is easier operated with signal.


    »Round and square mold are available, one layer or two layer packing for optional, packing quantity is based on cycle time and product demand, max quantity is 200pcs per bag.


    » The maximum width of packing film is 450mm, the thickness of the packaging film is 0.03-0.045mm, the diameter of the packaging film is less than 350mm, and the length is less than 2500mm, applicable packing film material in OPP, BOPP, CPP.


    » Optional punching methods of packaging bags are: long hole, round hole, not punching.


    » Optional conveyor belt for runners is optional.


    » The whole production process is fully automatic without hand touching, no secondary pollution, it is environmental friendly and highly efficient.


    » Save labor cost, increase company competitiveness.

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