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Selection skills of robotic arms

Update:15 Jan 2022

Robotic arms are widely used in injection molding, machinery and other related industries to achieve automated operations. How to choose high-quality products from a variety of products is very important and requires certain skills.
The size of the manipulator's walking distance is related to the size of the part, the drop position and the shape of the machine. This distance is usually defined in terms of the X, Y and Z axes, and not all manufacturers define travel in this way. The easiest way to determine the required itinerary is to draw a layout diagram. The layout not only identifies each trip, but also identifies important items on the floor plan, such as auxiliary equipment, support columns and void areas.
Z axis. The size of the back-and-forth travel is to drop the part on the side of the machine or at the back, and parts that utilize this travel are just to skip the machine.
Y axis. This distance is defined as vertical travel and is determined by the height of the machine and the desired drop height, that is, the robot arm must be high enough for the part to jump over the machine and low enough to be able to reach Drop parts at a reasonable height from the ground.
X-axis. This distance is generally called the recoil stroke, and its size is related to the thickness of the part. For example, to maneuver a bucket, enough travel is required to extend the arm and pull the bucket out of the mold.
Payload is the amount of weight a robot can handle and is defined as follows: Payload = Part weight + End-of-arm tool weight.
More important than payload, torque is defined as the tendency of a force to twist and rotate about an axis as a function of the payload's distance from the opponent's pivot point. To ensure that the arm can manipulate the part, compare the actual torque to the available torque that can be supported.
Part weight is often known for a specific application, but this is not the case with end-of-arm tools. The weight of the end-of-arm tool can be estimated and available from the supplier.
It can be seen from the above that the most important thing in choosing a robotic arm is to consider its stroke and payload. The two are considered together to select the best robotic equipment.

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