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What Are the Advantages of Using Manipulator on NC Vertical Lathe

Update:08 May 2021

People who work in factories should know that loading and unloading is a repetitive and difficult job, and many people are unwilling to do this job. Nowadays, in the mechanized society, it increasingly prefers robots to manual operation especially in factories. In view of this phenomenon, the question is put forward: what are the benefits of choosing the cutting manipulator on the NC vertical lathe?

First, high production efficiency: to improve production efficiency, we must control the production tempo. Except that the fixed production and processing tempo. cannot be improved, manual operation is replaced by automatic loading and unloading, so that the tempo. can be well controlled. The influence of human factors on the production tempo. is avoided, so the production efficiency is greatly improved.

Second, flexible process modification: we can quickly change the production process by modifying the procedures and gripper fixtures, and the debugging speed is fast, eliminating the time for training employees, and can be put into production quickly.

Third, improve the quality of the workpiece: robot automation production line, from loading, clamping, blanking completely completed by robots, reducing intermediate links, greatly improving the quality of parts, especially making the workpiece surface more beautiful.

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