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Solution of Automatic In-mold Labeling Manipulator

Update:30 Apr 2021

With the wide application of in-mold labeling technology in the field of daily chemicals and condiments, in-mold labeling machines are widely favored by daily chemicals enterprises for their trinity functions of protection, functionality and decoration. In-mold labeling machines can make labels with beautiful color patterns on bottles like screen printing.

As in-mold labeling machines have many incomparable advantages over common labels, they will be the future development trend. With the application of in-mold labeling machinery, the requirements of enterprises for production effect and product quality are also improving. How to solve these two problems can maintain a leading position in the industry. Runma Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is optimistic about the prospect of this market, and has invested a large number of technical teams and funds to develop an automatic manipulator solution for in-mold labeling machine. This product has been put into the normal production of customer enterprises and received good market feedback.

In-mold labeling manipulator system works in a semi-closed field, which reduces the influence of external environment on the manipulator. In addition, in-mold labeling, when we open and close the mold, the stability and repeatability of the injection molding machine need to be very high. In the production test, the performance of the in-mold labeling manipulators and the matching injection molding machines in stability and repeatability makes customers very satisfied. In the production test, in-mold labeling manipulators and matching injection molding machines perform very well in stability and repetition accuracy. The plan of goods fetching jig and releasing jig of in-mold labeling manipulators allows for a relatively large gap planning, which reduces the difficulty of matching accuracy on site, and achieves the functions of accurate releasing and stable picking.

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