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What are the benefits of using a manipulator for CNC vertical lathes?

Update:24 Jun 2022

People who work in factories should know that loading and unloading is a repetitive and difficult job, and many people are reluctant to do it. Today, in a mechanized society, especially in factories, people are increasingly preferring robots to manual operations. In response to this phenomenon, a question is raised: What are the benefits of choosing a cutting manipulator for CNC vertical lathes?

1. High production efficiency: To improve production efficiency, it is necessary to control the production rhythm. In addition to a fixed production and processing rhythm. Can not be improved, manual operation is replaced by automatic loading and unloading, let the beat. Can be well controlled. The influence of human factors on production rhythm. avoided, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.

2. Flexible process modification: We can quickly change the production process by modifying the program and fixtures, the debugging speed is fast, the time for training employees is saved, and the production can be quickly put into production.

3. Improve the quality of the workpiece: The robot automatic production line, from the loading, clamping and unloading, is all completed by the robot, reducing the intermediate links, greatly improving the quality of the parts, especially making the surface of the workpiece more beautiful.

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