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What are the advantages of a handling robot

Update:30 Jun 2022

What are the advantages of a handling robot
(1) Compact design
This design improves the efficiency of the robot, maximizes the load, and optimizes its working range in material handling, loading and unloading and arc welding applications, so as to improve productivity.
(2) Shorten beat time
All process pipelines are embedded in the robot arm. This integrated design can also ensure that the running acceleration is always unconditionally maximized, thus significantly shortening the beat time and enhancing production reliability. Greatly reduces the risk of downtime due to interference and wear.
(3) Multiple communication modes
It can be easily integrated with small manufacturing stations and large factory automation systems, paving the way for equipment integration. There are serial port, PLC, network interface, remote and Fieldbus interface and other communication modes,
(4) Reliability and economy
The structure is firm and durable, and the routine maintenance interval is long. In order to ensure the economical operation of the handling robot, the transmission system is optimized to achieve both low power consumption and high torque.
(5) Speed up programming
Hollow arm technology further enhances the convenience of off-line programming. The pipeline movement is controllable and easy to predict, so that the programming and simulation can accurately preview the running state of the robot system, greatly shorten the program debugging time and speed up the production progress. Up to 90% of the programming time can be saved from beginning to end.
(6) Improve production and utilization
Have a wide range of operations. The robot can not only carry out "basic" material handling, but also complete value-added tasks. Productivity and utilization can be improved at the same time.
(7) Low cost
All pipelines are properly fastened and protected, which not only reduces the swing during operation, but also effectively prevents the corrosion of welding spatter and cutting fluid, and significantly prolongs the service life. Its procurement and replacement costs can be reduced by up to 75%, and it can also reduce the shutdown maintenance up to three times a year.

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