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How to Use Manipulators to Bring You the Highest Benefit?

Update:23 Apr 2021

Problems brought about by the use of manual labor
In daily production, factories using manual labor need to face some problems, such as employee safety, the unsustainability of manpower, employees' quality, product quality rate, life of employees and so on.

Because human is one of the most uncontrollable factors in production, it is also the biggest uncontrollable factor, which may lead to production delay, low product quality rate and increasing cost.

How can we avoid all kinds of uncontrollable factors brought by people?
Jingbei intelligent manipulators
By placing the robot in the fulfillment center to handle the picking and placing tasks, the precision will improve and the shrinkage will decrease. Jingbei robots can automatically run the most pick-up and placing routines. Even if employees go home, they can make your enterprise still operate safely without interruption.

Intuitive and easy to program interface makes the robot arm suitable for small batch production. Cooperative robot arms are used for repetitive picking and placing tasks, providing advantages of productivity and flexibility, which allows you to release more labor for important tasks.

Most pickup and placement applications can be run autonomously by Jingbei manipulators, making them perfect pick-and-place robots.

Pick up and place robots by manipulators can improve productivity and flexibility. It requires superhuman ability to repeat the same movement for many hours with exactly the same precision. This is why Jingbei robots feature in the repeatability of +/-0.1mm are ideal choices for automatic, rapid and accurate processing.

Because of its small and portable robot hand design, the pick-and-place robot of general robots can be easily deployed in compact space.

Simple programming and short average setup time make Jingbei's robot arms
perfect. Even for small batch production, it will not be profitable to rearrange large equipment. However, apply a robot to a new process is fast and easy, enabling you to automate the agility of almost any manual task, including small batch or rapidly changing tasks. Also, manipulators can reuse written programs to perform tasks.

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