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Single axis robot

Update:09 Oct 2021

Single-axis robots are also called electric sliding tables, linear modules, single-axis drives, and single-axis robots in China. Single-axis manipulators can realize multi-axis combination through different combination methods such as Cartesian coordinate system manipulators, XYZ multi-axis manipulators (XY table), etc.

Single-axis manipulators are usually driven by ball screws or synchronous toothed belts, and use precision linear guides as the guiding mechanism to realize the functions of one-way conveying, positioning, transfer, picking and placing, and detection, and are widely used. In the field of automation.

Single-axis manipulators with servo motors or stepper motors can achieve precise positioning in different applications. With the continuous application of modern industrial modularization and integration concepts, the emergence of single-axis manipulators has undoubtedly shortened the development time of automated production lines and automated equipment.
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