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Manipulators or Robots with Multiple Degrees of Freedom

Update:29 Sep 2021

The industrial robot is multi-joint in the industrial field. The industrial robot is a mechanical device that automatically performs work. It is a machine that realizes various functions by its own power and control ability. It can accept the command of human beings, and can also run according to the prearranged program.

Robots are typical representatives of advanced manufacturing technology and automation equipment and are the "ultimate" forms of artificial machines. They involve many disciplines and fields such as machinery, electronics, automatic control, computers, artificial intelligence, sensors, communication and network, etc. It is a comprehensive integration of various high-tech development achievements, so its development is closely related to the development of many disciplines. Today's development trends of industrial robots are as follows: First, the performance of industrial robots is constantly improving (high speed, high precision, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance), while the price of single machines is constantly declining. Second, the mechanical structure is developing towards modularization and reconfiguration.

The general trend is to shift from the narrow concept of robots to the broad concept of robot technology and to develop from the industrial robot industry to the robot technology industry of solution business. The connotation of robot technology has become an intelligent system with flexible application of robot technology and practical action function. Robots are becoming smarter and smarter in structure, smaller in control systems and higher in intelligence, and are developing towards integration.

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