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Material Handling Manipulators That Improve Work Efficiency

Update:08 Jul 2022

Traditional manual handling can no longer meet the existing production scale. Material handling by manipulators has become an important topic. Aiming at the three-degree-of-freedom material handling manipulator, this paper focuses on the design of the manipulator's hand, wrist, arm and column. Through the analysis of the gripper, wrist and column, it adopts a single-fulcrum rotary type gripper, a rotary cylinder-driven wrist, and a lifting and rotary cylinder drive. Columns that move the product being processed from one station to another. The involved manipulators can replace humans for material handling and improve work efficiency.

To understand the handling manipulator, we must first understand the components of the handling manipulator. The handling manipulator consists of five parts: the hand, the wrist, the arm, the waist and the base. The handling manipulator's hand is the part that directly contacts the product during the handling of the manipulator , usually a variety of grippers, is the end effector of the handling manipulator.

The wrist of the handling manipulator is connected to the hand, and usually has three degrees of freedom, mainly to drive the hand to complete the predetermined posture, the structure of multiple gear trains, and the wrist of the handling manipulator is also the most complex part of the manipulator.

The buttocks of the handling manipulator are connected to the wrist and the waist of the manipulator, and are composed of two arms, which are used to drive the wrist to move in a plane. Let’s talk about the waist of the handling manipulator. This part is very critical, and it determines the error of the handling manipulator. , motion accuracy and stability, and finally the base of the handling manipulator, this part is the support part of the manipulator, which is divided into fixed type and mobile type.

The handling manipulator is mainly composed of the above parts as the actuator, which controls the handling manipulator to carry out the handling work. After the enterprise applies the handling manipulator, it can improve the handling efficiency, allow the enterprise to have greater benefits, and also allow the enterprise to automate the transformation towards a new future. .

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