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Why do linear modules have to pay attention to rust prevention?

Update:15 Jul 2022

Linear module is a general transmission element in automation equipment. Its working principle is a modular product that realizes repeated linear motion through ball screw (or synchronous belt) and linear guide as the main power. The whole working process has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and good repeatability. Linear modules have various outstanding advantages, however, linear modules must pay attention to rust prevention.

1. After each use, wipe off the anti-rust oil as much as possible. Although the workpiece is rust-proof and wiped with rust-proof oil before leaving the factory, evaporation and friction will make the rust-proof oil lose its effectiveness, so maintenance after each use is particularly important.

2. Since it is an original with high precision requirements, the linear module has many requirements in terms of storage. First, there must be a uniform shelf that needs to be kept in a warm and dry environment. When he needs to put it with other items, he must take care to keep dust or corrosive items away from him. Because the anti-rust oil evaporates quickly underground and the ground is relatively wet, the linear guide rails are not allowed to be stored underground.

Because the selection of linear modules is now mostly made of aluminum alloy profiles, the aluminum alloy profiles are beautiful in appearance, reasonable in design, good in rigidity and reliable in performance. Linear modular aluminum profiles are ideal basic power components for combined machine tools and automatic lines. The linear module aluminum profile is divided into three parts, the base, the cover, and the slider. That is to say, to develop a linear module, it is necessary to open three sets of aluminum profile molds, and each component is indispensable and closely matched.

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