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Why Are 80% of Plastics Enterprises Using Robot Arms?

Update:30 Jan 2021

In plastic processing industry, many tasks are simple and repetitive, especially in injection molding, plastic suction, cup making, cutting-off, product packaging and in-mold labeling, which is particularly suitable for manipulator operation. At the same time, it has brought many benefits to the factory after using the manipulator! There are mainly some aspects as follows:

Labor-saving with stable yield

1. The manipulator is used to take products, and the injection molding machine can be operated unattended, so there is less interference caused by human factors in the production arrangement.

2. One person can watch 4-5 machines, which greatly saves manpower and reduces cost.

3. The time for the manipulator to output products is fixed, and there is no need to rest for fatigue.

4. It is expensive to operate the injection molding machine manually, while ordinary biotech personnel are not skilled and easy to recruit, and the work time is relatively low.

5. Using mechanical hand reduces manpower pressure, so that the company is easy to manage.


1. Using the manipulator will no longer have the risk of accidental injury to employees.

2. There is no need to fetch the product by hand into the mold, thus avoiding the potential safety hazard.

3. The robot computer is equipped with mold protection system, which will automatically give an alarm to protect the mold if the product in the mold does not fall off.


1. If the molding machine is automatically demoulded, the product will be scratched and stained with oil when falling, resulting in defective products.

2. If a person takes out the product, there are four problems:
A) It is possible that the hand will scratch the product.
B) It is possible that the hand will be dirty and the product will be stained.
C) The mold is risky of being crushed.
D) Due to fatigue, the cycle is affected and the production efficiency is reduced.

3. The extraction time of the manipulator is fixed to ensure the product quality.

4. Using the manipulator can ensure the injection quality and prolong the service life of the molding machine.

Production efficiency
1. It can control the product quality by controlling the stability of the machine, ensuring the delivery time of customers, maintaining the good reputation of the enterprise and improving the competitiveness of the enterprise.

2. Fetching of products by personnel are not fixed, and the slow opening and closing of safety doors has great influence. In addition, as people are lazy, emotional, easy to get tired at night and lack of energy, plus they need to drink water, go to the bathroom and have other matters, it is estimated that the 24-hour productivity is only 70%. Manipulators can work continuously.

3. The investment cost can be recovered quickly within one year.

4. Using manipulators can automate the whole production and promote the image of the company. Using manipulators can reduce the use of personnel and make the site easy to manage, thus improving the competitiveness of the company.

5. Upstream manufacturers also want to choose injection molding manufacturers with robots, which can accurately calculate the daily output and delivery time. Using manipulators can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and it is also a development trend!

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