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What is the robot arm of an injection molding machine?

Update:21 Oct 2021

Manipulators can be divided into two types: basic injection manipulators and smart injection manipulators.
The basic injection manipulator generally includes a fixed mode program and a teaching mode program according to the requirements of the production process. The fixed mode program covers several standard processes of injection molding production, using industrial controllers to do simple, regular and repetitive actions. The teaching mode program is specifically aimed at injection molding machines with special production processes. Through the orderly and safe arrangement of basic actions, the goal of successful pick-up is achieved.
Intelligent injection manipulators generally have functions such as multi-point memory placement, arbitrary point standby, and large degrees of freedom. Generally, servo drive is adopted, which can imitate human beings to carry out more complicated operations to the greatest extent. The intelligent injection manipulator can be equipped with advanced sensors to make it have visual, tactile and thermal functions, making it a highly intelligent injection robot.
The structure of the injection molding machine manipulator

1. Hands
The hand is installed on the front end of the arm. The inner hole of the arm is equipped with a transmission shaft, which can rotate or extend the wrist, open or close the fingers. The hand structure of the manipulator imitates human fingers, and is divided into three types: jointless fingers, fixed joint fingers and free joints. There are robot arms with two fingers, three fingers and four fingers, of which two fingers are the most commonly used. According to the shape and size of the object to be clamped, chucks of various shapes and sizes should be equipped. The so-called fingerless, generally refers to a vacuum chuck or a magnetic chuck.
2. Weapons
The role of the arm is to guide the fingers to accurately grasp the workpiece and send it to the desired location. In order for the manipulator to work normally, the 3 degrees of freedom of the arm must be accurately positioned.
3. Institution
The body is a bracket for mounting arms, power supplies and various actuators.

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