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What are the applications of the three-axis servo manipulator in the injection molding industry?

Update:25 Oct 2021

With the rapid development of intelligent industry, our injection molding industry has also successively used robots instead of manuals for automatic nozzles, in-mold inserts, in-mold labeling, out-of-mold assembly, shaping, classification, stacking, product packaging, mold optimization and many more. The special servo manipulator for injection molding machine is an automatic production equipment that can imitate part of the functions of the upper limbs of the human body and can automatically control it to transport products or operate tools for production operations according to predetermined requirements.
So what are the applications of the three-axis servo manipulator in the injection molding industry?
1. Take the product inside and outside the manipulator mold
In the injection molding industry, manipulators take products from inside and outside the mold are generally used when large parts such as auto parts and household appliances are not easily removed in the injection mold, instead of manually taking out the injection products from the injection mold from the injection mold, thereby avoiding the unsafe manual removal During the operation process, there will be no accidents due to work negligence or fatigue. Make people enter the mold to take the product. If the injection molding machine fails or the button causes the mold to be closed, there is a danger of hand injury. Especially when working in two shifts and three shifts, physiological fatigue is more likely to occur at night, and safety accidents are more likely to occur. Injection manipulators can ensure safe production, which is especially important in large injection molding machines.
2. The manipulator is used to embed products in the mold (labeling, embedding metal, secondary molding, etc.).
A brief overview of in-mold inserts is the production process of putting an accessory into a mold cavity for injection molding and then taking it out. That is to say, the metal, plastic and other parts are pre-placed in the mold and then injected, and the plastic is integrated to form a new part. Injection molding production process. In-mold inserts are a very common production process in injection molding. It involves all aspects of our daily necessities, such as our common pipe fittings, TV casings, washing machine bases, auto parts, mobile phone chargers, and lighting industries. And so on, all products that need to be processed by two injections need to use the in-mold insert process.
3. After the robot is taken out, it will be automatically packed and stored automatically.
In addition to automatic pickup, the manipulator can be used with conveyor lines for automatic packaging and automatic warehousing after automatic removal. We are also called automatic arranging machines in the industry. Automatic stacking machines are customized according to customer needs. Automatic transportation, sorting, and plastic materials Box stacking machine. After the automatic positioning, the material belt is punched and shaped, and the manipulator belt clamps the material for loading, and then sticks it to the desired position, and then the boxes are automatically stacked in the unloader. The whole process does not require manual intervention except for manually picking and placing the stack of boxes from the loading and unloading machine. The equipment is compact, space-saving and easy to operate.
4. The whole plant production control system, the molding material automatic feeding system, and the waste recycling system.
The manipulator is used in the injection molding industry instead of manual labor, and can be used with injection molding peripheral supporting equipment to enable a complete set of unmanned work in the injection molding industry, realize intelligent automatic operation, follow the pace of Industry 4.0, and intelligently make production.

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