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What benefits can a handling manipulator add?

Update:24 May 2022

The handling manipulator can realize the space and time benefits of materials, speed up the logistics, shorten the time spent in logistics, reduce the space occupied, greatly save costs and increase profits, realize the reasonable connection of various logistics links and achieve the best economic benefits.
It has realized a high degree of automation of factory production, improved production efficiency, reduced production costs, and achieved fast and timely, low-cost, scale optimization, and easy inventory control management. Industrial manipulators have developed into high-tech automated production equipment in recent years, and are a type of industrial robots. The characteristic is that it can be programmed to complete a variety of expected job tasks.

The lifting, lowering, leftward and rightward movement of the handling manipulator, grasping and loosening are all done with a double-coil three-position solenoid valve pneumatic cylinder. When a solenoid valve is energized, the corresponding action will be maintained, even if the coil is powered off again, the corresponding action will not end until the coil in the opposite direction is energized. The equipment is equipped with six limit switches of up, down, left, right, grasp, and release to control the end of the corresponding work step. There is a light switch on the conveyor belt to monitor whether the workpiece is in place or not.
In recent years, the field of automation has changed rapidly, and we strive to be a market leader rather than a follower. The company pays attention to creating a younger and more diverse team, and has the courage to recruit and cultivate new people. The company hopes that each colleague has a different vision, idea and background, and encourages everyone to devote themselves to it and have the courage to try to do different things and break through their own. Comfort zone, not afraid of new ideas, new knowledge, new experiences, learn to reshape the way you experience the world!
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