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What are the reasons for the popularity of six-axis manipulators?

Update:01 Jun 2022

The articulated robot is also generally called a six-axis robot. The six-axis robot arm is increasingly considered to be a good choice. It can not only perform loading and unloading work for machining, but also perform related blow molding, thermoforming and Auxiliary work on reinforced plastic processes, etc.

The popularity of the six-axis manipulator in the market and in major factories comes from many factors, not only from the external factors of the six-axis manipulator, but also from its internal factors, that is, it can show high precision at work. High-speed operation is also the requirement and guarantee of product quality in the production process of many factories.
Six-axis robotic arms can move their end-of-arm tools from one position to another by using multiple arms with revolute joints. This articulated movement is described as "anthropomorphic", that is, these The performance of the robot has human characteristics, especially movements like arm and wrist. What are the reasons for the popularity of six-axis manipulators?

1. Wide range of operation
The second reason for the popularity of the six-axis manipulator lies in the particularity of its structure and tools. Since the operating tools of the six-axis manipulator can be replaced as needed, the six-axis manipulator can be applied to the production needs of more products, whether small or small. The production of parts is still the production of large-scale machinery, and the production needs can be completed only by replacing the operating tools of the manipulator.
2. High degree of automation
Automation is the development direction of production and processing in the future. The degree of automation of six-axis manipulators is a type of product with a relatively high degree in the current manipulators. The high degree of automation has become the choice of many advanced equipment manufacturers. In order to meet the needs of automated assembly lines in their own factories , the six-axis manipulator just meets the high automation needs and naturally becomes the product of choice for these factories.
3. Suitable for harsh environments
The invention of the six-axis manipulator and the stamping manipulator was also invented to replace the repetitive and meaningless manual work, and also to be able to work in an environment that humans cannot bear. The six-axis manipulator can last in many thin air and even high temperature environments. It can also extend its own maintenance cycle to avoid the situation that affects the progress of the construction period due to maintenance.

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