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What are the advantages of the servo manipulator

Update:22 Feb 2022

Servo manipulator is one of the more common manipulators of injection molding machine. It is generally divided into single-axis servo manipulator, three-axis servo manipulator and five-axis servo manipulator. It imitates the human arm and can be used for automatic nozzle cutting, in-mold inserts, and in-mold stickers. Standardization, out-of-mold assembly, shaping, sorting, stacking, product packaging, mold optimization, etc., in practical applications, it can reduce heavy manual labor, improve labor conditions and safe production; improve the production efficiency of injection molding machines, stabilize product quality, It plays an important role in reducing scrap rate, reducing production cost and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. So what are the advantages of common servo manipulators?
Servo manipulator This type of manipulator generally includes functions such as multi-point memory placement, standby at any point, and more degrees of freedom. It is generally driven by servo drives and can perform more complex operations by imitating humans to the greatest extent possible. It can also be equipped with advanced sensors. Let it have visual, tactile and thermal functions, making it a very intelligent injection robot.

The operator of the servo manipulator operates through the man-machine interface. When the manipulator receives the executable signal given by the injection molding machine, the manipulator cuts off the mold closing signal of the injection molding machine to ensure the safety of the manipulator taking the objects. Action of the injection molding machine. The difficulty in the design of the control system lies in the coordinated working relationship between the manipulator and the injection molding machine. Under the command of the control system, the manipulator completes various actions according to the predetermined work procedure, so as to take out the products produced by injection molding from the mold and transfer them to the designated location or the next production process.

In terms of the purchase cost of the servo manipulator, in order to reduce the impact, it is necessary to set a buffer at the end of the stroke, and the one-way speed control valve must be equipped with a reversing valve, so that the PLC should be equipped with input and output points. Therefore, its comprehensive cost is not low. Manipulator accessories A large number of cam-type manipulators are used in high-speed automatic machines. The cam drive operates smoothly, the phase is accurate, the work rhythm is fast, the failure rate is low, the cost is low, the safety is high, and the service life is long, which reduces the overall design responsibility of the machine and simplifies the The control system of the machine reduces the design and manufacturing cost of the machine and shortens the development cycle. Generally, the clamping device is open and open, and it is easy to configure various automation devices, which is suitable for automatic molding of complex and delicate products.

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