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Maintenance essentials of injection molding machine manipulator

Update:16 Nov 2021

Generally speaking, for injection molding machines that need to maximize work efficiency and start-up time in production applications, people usually consider installing and using robots. Unplanned downtime will interrupt production, which is time-consuming and laborious, and often increases costs due to overtime or urgent replacement of machined parts. Therefore, it is very important for the operator to detect the signal that the manipulator needs to be maintained. From the perspective of maintaining long-term operation, always paying attention to some important operating conditions will reduce downtime and reduce costs. There are a few things to note here.

1. Manipulator cycle time
One of the key points to keep the robot running well is simple observation and listening, which can reveal a lot of information about the overall operation of the robot. Manipulators work through specific actions, so they will hear any abnormal sounds, such as howling, clicking, etc., which indicates that the bearing cannot rotate normally or other parts are stuck. The connecting rod part of the manipulator is moved along the guide rail with the power cord and vacuum hose, and it will make a normal clicking sound, but the sound is steady. Check any bearings that can be observed to make sure they rotate smoothly. Just check and listen for some signs of wear or adjustment, which is of great help to keep the manipulator in optimal operating condition.

2. Rails and bearings
All shaft guides and bearings should be kept clean and well lubricated. If the manipulator is working in a dusty environment, the guide rails need to be cleaned frequently. If you find any metal fragments or powder, it may indicate poor lubrication. In order to ensure proper lubrication, it is very important to have a proper linear guide system. Most manipulators have automatic lubrication systems and parts that need to be replaced regularly.
3. Drive system
If the manipulator is driven by the assembly frame-transmission gear, please pay attention to whether there is any hesitation or shaking during the operation. All movements except smooth and smooth movement may indicate that the drive system is damaged or some foreign objects are stored inside. When the manipulator is pushed down, the way to quickly check the movement or gap between the assembly beam and the transmission gear is to push and drag the boom and feel abnormal movement (different back and forth movement).

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