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In-Mold Labeling System (IML)

Rang of Application 

The lML system are mainly used in daily necessities packaging, food packaging, children's tableware, ice cream packaging, mobile phone panels, home appliances panels, audio- visual products packaging etc.



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  • We provide the a complete set of  lML system as well as technology and process solution. 


    Standard modular design for easy interchangeaility of  different products with excellent cost performance.





    Reliable: Equipped with the world's advanced motion control platform, combined with the mature design concept, exquisite processing technology and rigorous testing methods to ensure the excellent quality of the equipment. 


    Eficient: Unique label feeding system, no downtime for labeling, realizing uninterrupted production. 


    Economical: It can realize the fast switching of products and multi-purpose of one machine. 


    Safe: Safety protection level in accordance with European norms.

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