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How to Install a 3-Axis Robot on Injection Molding Machine?

Update:17 Sep 2021

1. Check if the injection machine is functioning normal: open mold, close mold, thimble out, safety door and so on.

2. (If the injection machine fixed platen already have holes, this step can be ignored) Drill holes: Close the mold before start. Put the 3-axis robot mounting base on the fixed platen and mark the hole positions on fixed platen with a pen. Remove the mounting base. Use a electric drill to drill a small hole (normally, drill the hole diameter 4.2mm).Use an electric drill to en-large the holes, then tap. If the mounting base screws are M16, the hole diameter should be 14mm. Note: please put a piece of paper above the mold while drilling holes. The paper can prevent metal scraps from dropping into the mold.

3. Clean the holes: Use tap to clean the holes on the mounting base.The purpose if to clean off the paint in the holes.

4. Install the mounting base: Screw type (M16*45mm Hexagon), screws need to used with flat shim and spring shim. Use 14mm hexagon wrench (metric) to tighten the screws. Please make sure the screws are tight enough.

5. Install the 3-axis robot: Use professional strap to tight the robot ( we recommend strap length 3 meters, can bear 1.5ton). Tight the strap to crane and then move robot upon the injection machine. Holes at the bottom of robot should be aligned with the holes on mounting base. Use M16*45mm Hexagon screws to fix the robot to the mounting base. Screws need to used with flat shim and spring shim. Screws should be double tighten by iron tube. Note: To avoid safety issues, robot should be tight steady. Don't move the robot up before you make sure it's steady and safe.

6. Fix and hang the operator according to the position customer choose: Drill 2 holes on the 3-axis robot (hole diameter 3.2mm), tap M4 screw thread, then fix M4*10mm flat head screws into the holes. Hang the operator on the screws.
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