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Demand Description of Customized Manipulators

Update:06 Feb 2021

Here are demand description of customized manipulators and application description of production function.

With the innovation of science and technology and the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, more and more enterprises choose specialized and customized manipulators according to the practical application requirements of their factories, so as to meet a series of product requirements. The application of manipulator can increase the production capacity by about 30%, reducing the defective rate of products, improving the safety of operators and labor structure. Manipulators can control the production cycle of products with the work time of 24 hours a day. They can also accurately calculate the delivery date of the order, greatly reducing the waste of employees in the production process, thus reducing the useless efficiency of each link and obviously reducing the production cost.

The machine structure adopts high-strength aluminum alloy profile, which is light in weight, strong in hardness, high in load capacity, matching precision linear slide rail, which is wear-resistant, low in vibration, long in service life, and has repeated operation positioning accuracy of 0.1 mm. The specially designed leather and double-speed rack structure can greatly shorten the whole cycle time. With experienced technicians, the free teaching function of programs and humanized operation interface, the manipulator can teach and store 100 groups of memory modules, each of which has more than 400 steps of memory action instructions. It is also convenient for fast clamping and fixing gauges, reserving multiple auxiliary equipment contact functions to freely operate in the working process.

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