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Consider these aspects when choosing a handling robot

Update:13 May 2022

Handling robots, also known as unmanned trucks, are indispensable intelligent industrial equipment in the fields of logistics, warehousing, electronics, and automobiles.
The first aspect: understand the material and related configuration of the parts and components of the handling robot. The quality of the configuration can directly affect the use of the trolley, so as to prevent some manufacturers from assembling low-quality parts and components, and choose a company with scale and strength. On-site inspection of the manufacturer to understand the strength and reputation of the company.
The second aspect: Understand the battery capacity and brand used by the handling robot. The battery of the brand manufacturer is the foundation to ensure the working efficiency of the handling robot.
The third aspect: for the positioning accuracy of the handling robot, the higher the accuracy of the handling vehicle, the simpler and more accurate the docking with the ground transportation during the operation process, and the error will not occur, and it can also meet the high-standard laser navigation accuracy requirements.
The fourth aspect: how far away obstacles can the handling robot detect and whether it can effectively avoid obstacles for transportation, and whether it can sound an alarm or flash a warning light when it encounters an obstacle; in addition to these safety precautions, also It is necessary to consider the emergency stop device of the pallet truck in the event of an abnormal emergency in the system.
The fifth aspect: When choosing, you need to understand the scalability of the truck. Now the development of science and technology is very fast, and the truck will also be improved with the update of technology. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate development with ports or support third-party instructions. The selected trolley is more conducive to the functional expansion requirements in the future.

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