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What is a single-axis manipulator and a single-axis robot

Update:05 Aug 2022

What exactly is a single-axis robot? According to the data, a robot can only be called if it has 3 axes or more. But our commonly used linear module single-axis manipulator. We often also call it a single-axis robot. Therefore, this article is specially published, and we do not have to compare it with single-axis manipulators and single-axis robots. You can understand. However, when communicating professionally, remember to say that a single-axis manipulator is enough. Hereby, I would like to share with you what a single-axis manipulator is. And when there are 3 axes or more, we can call it a robot. As for 3 axes, you should be a manipulator and no one should say you are a layman.

What is a single-axis manipulator and what are its characteristics
Single Axis Robot is also called electric slide table, linear module, single axis driver, single axis robot, etc. in China. The single-axis manipulator can realize multi-axis combination through different combination styles, and realize applications such as Cartesian coordinate manipulator, XYZ multi-axis manipulator (XY table).

The single-axis manipulator is generally driven by a ball screw or a synchronous toothed belt, and uses a precision linear guide as a guiding mechanism to realize functions such as handling, positioning, transfer, pick and place, and detection in a single direction. It is widely used in the field of automation. The single-axis manipulator cooperates with a servo motor or a stepper motor to achieve precise positioning in different applications. As the continuous application of modern industrial modularization and integration concepts, the emergence of single-axis manipulators | precision electric slides undoubtedly reduces the time and efficiency of automated production lines and automated equipment development.

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