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What are the characteristics of right-angle robots?

Update:15 Apr 2022

A right-angle robot is closely related to the coordinate axis, and can also be called a right-angle coordinate robot. It is related to the word right angle, and the robot is a three-dimensional structure, so it will naturally think of coordinates; in today's society, robots have become more and more popular. Pay attention and slowly apply it in life, and as one of many robot industries, this robot is invincible in this field because of its unique characteristics.

First of all, it can realize multi-degree-of-freedom motion without limitation. Right angle is the movement of each degree of freedom, and the space angle between them is right angle, so the name of this robot is also like this, and it can realize automatic control and programming. It can be repeated, all the work and movements are carried out according to the program, and this right-angle series of robots is generally composed of mechanical systems, operating tools, control systems, and drive systems;
Secondly, it has high flexibility and multi-functional characteristics, but its functions are different because of the different operating tools; thirdly, it also has the powerful advantages of high speed, high precision and high reliability, and can be used in most harsh environments. Long-term use, damaged, and easy to repair to keep the job going.
Its characteristics can be summed up in one sentence: in industrial applications, it is a robot that can realize automatic control, multi-function, multi-purpose, multi-degree-of-freedom, reprogrammable, and spatial right-angle relationship between the degrees of freedom of movement. The manipulator can carry objects, perform detailed operations, and complete various tasks. Its performance characteristics are so simple. Shenzhen Spire Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of right-angle robots. If you need to customize or sell, you can contact us at any time. The official website has our address and contact information.

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