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The ability of handling robots to complete tasks in various environments

Update:24 Oct 2022

The accuracy of handling robot operations and the ability to complete operations in various environments have broad development prospects in various fields of the national economy. Using the robot to take the product, the injection molding machine can be operated unattended, and there is no fear of no one or employees asking for leave. Manipulators can save workers, improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, improve safety, and enhance the image of the factory.
The advantages of the multi-joint manipulator are: flexible action, small motion inertia, strong versatility, can grab workpieces close to the machine base, and can work around obstacles between the body and the working machine. With the needs of production, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the flexibility, positioning accuracy and working space of the multi-joint arm. The multi-joint arm also breaks through the traditional concept. The number of joints can range from three to a dozen or even more, and its shape is not limited to the human arm, but it varies according to different occasions. The performance is unmatched by single-joint manipulators.

 What benefits does the handling robot bring to people's lives? Implement a one-person-one mechanism, equipped with conveyor belts, and one person can watch 3-4 machines, which saves a lot of manpower and increases workers' wages. People will be tired, and the time for the robot to produce products is fixed, and there is no need to rest, especially in hot weather or night shifts, the effect is more and more clear. It is difficult to recruit highly civilized personnel to operate the injection molding machine, and the cost is increased, while the ordinary biotech personnel are not highly skilled and have a weak sense of responsibility, which constitutes production and management difficulties. When people get along with each other, there will always be conflicts, which will affect consumption. The use of manipulators to reduce pressure reduces labor, and internal conflicts will not occur due to too much task pressure, which improves internal collusion and company cohesion.

With the development of network skills, the problem of network operation of manipulators is also the direction of future development. Industrial robot is a kind of high-tech automatic production equipment developed in recent decades. Industrial manipulators are an important branch of industrial robots. Its characteristic is that it can be programmed to complete various expected tasks, and it has the advantages of both human and machine in structure and performance, especially reflecting human intelligence and adaptability.

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