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Industrial robot arm for production automation

Update:11 Jun 2021

With the rapid development of industry and fierce competition in the market, more and more manufacturing factories have moved from manual labor to semi-automated and automated development, thereby, improving manufacturing efficiency and reducing labor costs.

What is an industrial robot?
Industrial robot arm is a multi-joint manipulator or a machine device with multiple degrees of freedom for the industrial field. It can automatically perform work and is a machine that realizes various functions by its own power and control capabilities. It can accept human command or run in accordance with pre-arranged programs. Modern industrial robots can also act according to the principles and programs formulated by artificial intelligence technology.

The most notable features of industrial robots are the following:

(1) Programmable. The further development of production automation is a flexible start. Industrial robots can be reprogrammed with the needs of their working environment, so it can play a good role in the flexible manufacturing process of small batches and many varieties with balanced and high efficiency, which is an important part of the flexible manufacturing system.

(2) Anthropomorphism. Industrial robots have parts similar to human walking, waist turning, arms, forearms, wrists, claws, etc. on the mechanical structure, and have computers on the control. In addition, intelligent industrial robots have many human-like "biosensors", such as skin-type contact sensors, force sensors, load sensors, visual sensors, acoustic sensors, and language functions. Sensors improve the adaptability of industrial robots to the surrounding environment.

(3) Universality. Except for specially designed industrial robots, general industrial robots have better versatility when performing different tasks. For example, you can perform different tasks by replacing the end manipulators (hands, tools, etc.) of industrial robots.

(4) The disciplines involved in industrial machine technology are quite extensive, and it is a combination of mechanics and microelectronics-mechatronics technology. The third generation of intelligent robots not only has various sensors for acquiring external environmental information, but also has artificial intelligence such as memory ability, language understanding ability, image recognition ability, reasoning judgment ability, etc. These are all applications of microelectronic technology, especially the application of computer technology. Therefore, the development of robot technology will inevitably drive the development of other technologies. The development and application level of robot technology can also verify the development level of a country's scientific and industrial technology.
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