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How a Robot Arm For Injection Molding Machine Can Save You Time and Money

Update:24 Nov 2022

Whether you're looking to remove parts from an injection molding machine, or are looking to add an extra step to your manufacturing process, a robot arm for injection molding machine can help. With their ability to remove parts from the machine, and reposition inserts without leaving the machine, robotics can help you save time and money.
There are many different types of robots available, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before you purchase your next robotic arm, learn about its key features.A jointed robot arm is a great way to remove core features from a molded part, offering significant cost savings during production. It also gives you the ability to make multiple axis movements in a single pass.

A robotic arm for injection molding machine with a horizontal beam can help you reach the mold faster. A long beam is also helpful for unloading parts at the end of the machine.Whether you're considering a Cartesian robot or an articulated one, evaluating each type of design is a must. Cartesian robots are generally mounted on the injection machine's fixed platen. An articulated arm can be installed on either side of the molding machine.

In addition to removing parts from the machine, a robot can also lift and place moulded parts into an overmoulding machine. A robot can also be integrated with a molding machine via standard interfaces. It can also perform other functions, such as inspecting the mold or packing pattern layouts in boxes.

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