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Characteristics of the Five-Axis Servo Manipulator

Update:23 Sep 2022

High-speed five-axis servo manipulators are robotic arms with servo motors that feature fast response, improved efficiency and positioning accuracy. They are ideal for use in various industries including the plastic injection molding industry. Other applications of these machines include the assembling of non-woven bags, microwave oven lunch boxes, disposable water cups and fresh-keeping boxes.

The five-axis manipulator, also known as a 5-axis robot, is capable of performing complex part manipulation tasks. These machines are double-speed patented and have large carrying capacity. They offer a high rate of top entry, lower cycle time, and flexibility.

The five-axis postprocessor can convert CL data into machine control data. It has been used in a five-axis machine that performs trial cuts and coordinate measurements. Xie et al. developed a postprocessor for a three-DoF parallel kinematic mechanism with high orientational capability. The postprocessor designed by Sangveraphunsiri and Chooprasird can achieve a single-axis rotating table.

In addition to high precision, the five-axis machine offers low cost, low time, and excellent positioning accuracy. Its multifunctionality, low lag, and large look-ahead function make it a suitable choice for industries requiring a high degree of accuracy.

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