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Benefits of Injection Molding Machine Robots

Update:29 Jul 2021

Firstly, robot can fix the whole cycle time. If the plasticizing time, injection time, holding time, cooling time and switch mold time are the same, the yield can be improved. Also, factories can arrange production according to this time schedule. Secondly, by using injection molding machine robots, factories can reduce the cost of workers. If a workers salary is 1,800 yuan per person, each injection molding machine production work 24 hours per day. Each injection molding machine costs labor costs 5,400 yuan per month, 64,800 yuan per year. Three sets of injection molding machine means labor costs 199,400 yuan per year.

If use the injection molding machine robots, one worker can guard at least three injection molding machines. Factories can save at least 100,000 yuan.

By using workers to operate the injection molding machine, then production need to stop at least 2 hours each day, the production efficiency is 8% less than robots. If machine cycle time is 20 seconds, each robot can produce 330 pcs more products per day, 152,000 pcs per year. If each product costs 0.1 yuan, then you can create more than 1,1520 yuan profit each machine per year.

In fact, the salary of a worker is far more than 1,800 yuan, as the social security system getting more and more perfect, worker's basic salary is higher and higher, so the cost will increase. Also,the training costs of the new workers are getting higher and higher, old workers always resign. If counting by this, the costs of buying an injection molding machine robot can be earned back within 3-6 months. Secondly, workers have moods and holidays,their physical condition may cause absenteeism. Especially before and after the Spring Festival, the staff resigns and become very scarce. But if factory use injection molding machine robots, these conditions will not influence the normal production. The safety of workers have been guaranteed, accidents caused by work fatigue can be prevented. Finally, the injection molding machine robot can guarantee the amount of production, easy to arrange production management after receiving orders.
robot arm for injection molding machine

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