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Automatic Intelligent Manipulator Promotes Injection Molding Industry

Update:27 Feb 2021

As a traditional production enterprise, changing our production mode with manipulator is the only way to reduce the dependence of enterprises on employment, reduce production costs and realize sustainable development. Manipulators have a great influence on modern production industry, which not only drives a new round of development of traditional industries, but also has market competitiveness no less than that of modern sunrise industries.

In addition, it is not only the modern production technology used by the manipulator, but also the modern management mode that comes with it, which has greatly changed the vitality and market competitiveness of enterprises. At this point, the product varieties of many enterprises have increased from less than a dozen before to dozens now, and the number of fine products is also higher than before

The most critical influence is that the market competitiveness and survival ability of enterprises are greatly improved. Using manipulator of injection molding machine is a good opportunity for us to adjust the industrial structure and develop the traditional production industry.

Although the manipulator products produced by local enterprises in China are mainly distributed in the low-end market, with the development of modern control technology and microelectronics technology, the repetition accuracy of manipulator is improved and its positioning accuracy is enhanced. With the development of mechatronics, the control system will develop in the direction of PC-based open controller, and the development will become deeper. The typical automatic control system composed of "programmable controller, sensor and action element" will still be the mainstream development direction. In this system, the traditional "switch control" will also be transformed into "feedback control", thus further improving the accuracy of the system.

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