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Advantages of a Single-Axis Servo Manipulator

Update:02 Sep 2022

A single-axis servo manipulator is an automated robot that can imitate the movement of human limbs. Its advanced features include flexible movement, precise positioning, and high controllability. Single-axis servo manipulators have been widely used in various industries. In addition, they are easy to use and maintain.

The manipulator's end can track a target with a 0.2-m absolute positioning accuracy. Its maximum angular velocity is one degree per second. Its accuracy also depends on the accuracy of the hand-eye camera. One of the advantages of this type of manipulator is that it can follow a target with high precision.

The visual servo method, for instance, focuses on the velocity and attitude of the end. By measuring the angular velocity, this method eliminates the influence of rotation of the end coordinate system. In addition, it eliminates the error in predicting the velocity of a target.

Multi-point memory placement, a single-axis servo driver, and increased degrees of freedom are just a few of the advantages of a single-axis manipulator. These devices are often used in high-speed automatic machines. They have an increased degree of precision and can imitate the movements of humans. They can also be equipped with advanced sensors, including visual, thermal, and tactile.

A single-axis servo manipulator is more versatile and convenient than a traditional master-slave manipulator. It has a large range of movement, which helps the operator perform safe, reliable, and labor-saving operations. It does not have to be limited by the distance between the master and slave hands, and it can be operated remotely.

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